Small Footprint. High Capacity. Serious Savings.

The Smart Compactor That Fits Anywhere.

BinPAK Compactors allow a standard container footprint with up to 6:1 compaction ratio, and fits where other compactors never could.  Reduces truck traffic & costs, improves neighbor relations, and secures waste from illicit access or dumping.


The BinPAK compactor has the same footprint as a traditional 8 yard dumpster.

This depends on the density of waste, but the BinPAK can compact up to 6:1, meaning considerably less pickups. The compaction area is 6 cubic yards, meaning it can hold up to 36 cubic yards of waste.

All BinPAK units are emptied using a standard front-load dumpster truck.

There is a “Feed Door” at waist height, allowing easy loading at ADA safe levels.

Yes, BinPAK units can be used in warehouse or trash room areas, but also work well outside in almost any conditions. Dock level stands for inside loading are also available.

5 ways binpak changes waste compaction

small footprint

Fits where other compactors never could.

safe & Secure

Secure design prevents unauthorized dumping or diving.

serious savings

High compaction ratio reduces pickup costs and eliminates overflow charges.


Environmentally-friendly sealed unit reduces odors and traffic and eliminates spillage and rodents.


Low load height of 26”, perfect for safe lifting.


BinPAK applies everywhere that added capacity is needed, yet space & security constraints dictate a better solution. 

The Ultimate Visual Screen

Binova has created a visual screen for enclosing the BinPAK Compactor. The EnviroSCREEN is a patented design of roto molded panels, allowing for a realistic stone appearance and superior performance.

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