small footprint & high capacity

Small Footprint & High Capacity

A 6-yard waste container with built-in compaction using patented technology. This compactor fits where others cannot and does what others cannot do. Make your waste, recycling, and cardboard disposal easier cleaner, and safer with the BINPak self-contained compactor.

The BINpak compactor is the same size as a traditional front load dumpster bin.

Depending on the density of waste it can pack 6:1.

The compaction area is 6 cu yards so it can pack up to 36 cubic yards of waste.

By a standard front-load dumpster/garbage truck.

There is a “feed door” at waist-height where you put the garbage in.

the compact waste solution

high capacity

Front load compatible

no odor

no access for pests/vermin

small footprint


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