The Smartest Waste System You’ve Never Seen

We’re Taking Waste Underground.

Changing the Game. EnviroBIN Subsurface Waste Systems revolutionize the way solid waste is handled, transforming an eyesore into an attractive part of any site. 

Solving Solid Waste. These compact units fit anywhere, reduce odors by 95%, and eliminate the need for enclosures in many circumstances. Incredibly tough, easy to load, and quick to empty, they add style to every property.

IT’S THE SMARTEST WASTE SYSTEM, YOU’VE NEVER SEEN. It’s been nearly 100 years since the steel dumpster was invented, and not much has changed in solid waste since then.  Architects and landscape designers have been trying to hide the unsightly and smelly boxes ever since, until now.

LOOKS GOOD, SMELLS GOOD, AND FITS ANYWHERE. With the introduction of the EnviroBIN Subsurface Waste System, solid waste has never looked so good or been so easy to work into your plan. Increased parking space, less enclosures, and aesthetically pleasing, the EnviroBIN System offers a host of benefits:

  • Integrates Easily into landscaping
  • Attractive in any environment
  • Reduces odors by up to 90%
  • Eliminates Problems: leaks, rust, and stains
  • Easy to load / easy to lock



  • Capacity: 6.5 Cubic Yards (Equivalent to 8 Cubic Yards)
  • Feed Door Height: 3’ 11’’
  • Depth of Subsurface Hold: 6’ 2’’
  • Total Height: 10’ 1’

So Easy. The days of giant, costly dumpster enclosures are over!

Every EnviroBIN Subsurface waste container is manufactured out of an incredibly tough polyethylene resin blend, which will not crack or warp.  Each unit is surrounded by an extra-thick steel framework that is powder coated for rust protection.

In every way! Clients that experience the ease of using EnviroBins will never go back to steel dumpsters.

No specialized truck needed is needed to empty our bins. All EnviroBINs™ dump utilizing a standard front-end loader.


why you should take WASTE UNDERGROUND


Attractive, compact, and eliminates enclosures.

Site Plan Integration

Smart, saves spaces, and fits anywhere.


Built green, recyclable, and keeps sites clean.

Pest/Odor Control

Superior containment that solves odors and vermin.


Safeguards users, prevents illegal activity and dumping.


Transform Any Project

The Ultimate Visual Screen

Binova has created a visual screen for enclosing the EnviroBIN. The EnviroSCREEN is a patented design of roto molded panels, allowing for a realistic stone appearance and superior performance.

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