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The foundation for Binova Group came from the realization that the solid waste industry has remained static for centuries. Modern innovation is needed for how we contain, handle, recycle, and dispose of waste. These roots drive everything we do for homeowners, property owners, architects and developers, waste haulers, and the general public.

Most property owners try to hide waste, surround it, lock it up, and cover up the problems. We believe that the best solutions are in solving core issues, like containment, location, recycling sustainability, odor and vermin, and owner security. 

We are using our team of inventors, innovators, and disrupters, and are aligned with universities to drive new solid waste development, improve old processes, and change the future.

Our Story

Learn more about our team that works to innovate how we handle, recycle, contain, re-use, and dispose of waste.



True breakthroughs come from learning every way you cannot do something, and with each failure come a new way to achieve.  This is how our teams approach changing solid waste – with the understanding that we must roll up our sleeves, get dirty, hammer out new prototypes continually, test-test-test, change-change-change, and with lots of hard work, we get closer to changing the world.

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Binova Group Waste Innovation

Why we must embrace innovation in solid waste. Waste impacts every human on the planet. Worldwide, more than 2 billion tons of municipal solid waste are generated annually, costing nearly a trillion dollars to handle, and less than 20% of this is recycled. Without solid waste innovation, global waste production is projected to rise 70% by 2050. Binova Group believes we must change that, if we are going to be true stewards of the planet for our children. 

It took humanity over 6,000 years to arrive at the i-phone, during which solid waste handling changed little. Raw innovation alone will change that

The four pillars of waste innovation

Binova Group Innovation
Binova Group Innovation

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