Destroy Odors Quickly & Effectively

A Proven Solution for Dumpster Odors.

Designed to control malodors and offensive smells from waste, the ZEROdor unit mounts onto the outside of any type of metal or poly dumpster.

With no moving parts or power required, the unit automatically dispenses a measured dose of ZEROdor granules after each dumping. Most units only require granule replacement 4-6 times per year, and with no moving parts operation is automatic and simple.

How Does ZEROdor Work?

ZEROdor dispensers do not rely on any external power supply, but harness the dumping action which takes place when the waste container is emptied. Upon inversion, the lower chamber of the Dispersion Unit is filled, and as the container is turned upright again, the ZEROdor Granules are dispersed and spread across the bottom of the waste container. ZEROdor Granules eliminate malodors and absorb bacteria-friendly moisture and the exact amount needed is replaced. automatically each time the container is emptied, eliminating waste. 

ZEROdor™ Granules

ZEROdor™ Granules destroy a wide variety of malodors common in solid waste containers, finally providing a reliable and effective solution for a difficult industry problem. ZEROdor Granules are made of a dried clay compound which is highly effective for absorbing moisture quickly, further reducing areas where bacteria can reproduce. Emitting a pleasant lemon citrus scent, the granules are among the most powerful odor solutions on the market today.
Available in 25lb Containers / 18 Containers Per Skid

Yes, this can be mounted on virtually any dumpster.

It needs to be mounted on the back side  – which is the side opposite the side that the truck picks it up from to empty.

The unit holds approximately 20 lbs. of granules and dispenses up to 1-1/2 lbs per tip so about 12-15 times.

If your dumpster is tipped once per week, it would last you approximately 3 months.

A slot will need to be cut in the back of the dumpster to allow the granules to dispense. You would require a 4” side grinder, drill and some various bits will be necessary.  You can download instructions from this webpage. 

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