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Waste and Sanitation Solutions

our vision

We will transform the way the world handles waste.

At Binova, we are innovating the disposal industry. We are problem solvers and help manage waste in a safer, cleaner and more attractive way. We are using our team of inventors, innovators, and disrupters to drive new solid waste development.


Managing waste in a safer, cleaner and more attractive way.

EnviroBIN Subsurface Binova

Eliminating the need for enclosures & screening, this compact subsurface unit looks good, smells good, and is incredibly tough.

Progressive cities are ditching unsanitary waste collection, embracing waste consolidation.  Fits anywhere, doesn’t smell or leak, and empties easily.  

Pitbul Locks USA

Patented locks which allow haulers to never leave the truck with auto-lock after emptying.  Easy to install, heavy-duty, and viciously secure.

High Capacity compactor fits where others cannot and does what others cannot do.  Make your waste, recycling and cardboard disposal easier cleaner and safer.

defining the future of solid waste

spacial Integration

waste stream efficiency

recycle Sustainability

safe & Secure sanitation

Book An Educational Session For Your Team

Lunch & Learns Available for EnviroBIN Subsurface and Metro. Give your team the best and sign up today for our SolvingSolidWaste Educational Session, 60 minutes of truly valuable sharing, education, fun, and true learning! 

Video Resources

Check out our video library for product information and further resources.

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