Urban Waste Containment


Street Smart Solid Waste Bin.

Clean Central Collection. Progressive cities are ditching unsafe and unsanitary urban hand-bin collection, embracing centralized waste consolidation using EnviroBin Metro units.

Tight Space? Any Place. EnviroBin Metro fits anywhere, doesn’t leak or smell, and dumps with any standard truck.  Alleyways and covered spaces work well with our mobile units.

Many cities globally require property and shop owners to place their garbage in handbins and put on the edge of city streets. Worse yet, many cities allow bagged garbage and bulk trash to be piled on the curb. Sanitation workers must touch thousands of waste containers, bags, and bulk garbage, creating

The EnviroBIN Metro is changing all that.  Because they are attractive, fit eliminate odors and can be dumped without any human interaction with garbage, progressive cities are placing the EnviroBIN Metro in strategic spots, where they are filled by shop owners and residents alike, and dumped easily using standard sanitation trucks.

On average, a single EnviroBIN Metro will hold the contents of 17 average handbins.  Subsurface bins, which fit into an underground sleeve, hold even more.

Absolutely.  EnviroBIN Metro provides an excellent collection point for all types of recycled goods, typically sorted by container.  Binova offers a variety of entry doors / access points / signage for different recycling materials, including aluminum, plastics, glass, and cardboard.  All can be emptied using standard fork dumpster trucks.

No, they do not. Enclosures are a health and crime hazard, and many cities are specifically approving the use of Binova waste containment systems without enclosures.  This eliminates a huge additional cost, typically $18,000-40,000, depending on building codes.  

All EnviroBIN Metro containers are emptied with a standard front-load dumpster truck. Container lids automatically release as dumpster is emptied, and relocks when EnviroBIN Metro is set back down.

the perfect waste solution


Allows elimination of handbin corrals and unsightly garbage piles.


Good looking, fits in anywhere, quiet, and easy to access.


Solid polyethylene tub eliminates leakage & most odors.


Touchless option provides hands-free access and eliminates.


Mobile option is excellent for tight spaces and roll-out access for dumping.

EnviroBIN Metro Container Options

Urban Waste Container


The Original Street Smart Container.  Fits in with the best company, holds anything, and provides a sanitary solution for urban waste.

Mobile Waste Container

MetroBIN Mobile BINOVA

The Best Way To Move Waste…Anywhere.  Parking garages, alleyways, and tight spots…this waste container is going places.

Organix Waste Container

MetroBIN Organix BINOVA

Waste To Go…The Ultimate Food Waste Container.  Perfect for restaurants, processors, and anywhere food waste needs contained.

TouchLess Waste Container

MetroBIN Touchless BINOVA

Safe, Smart, And Sanitary.  The only “hands-free” waste container built for urban waste disposal.


Transform Any Project

The Ultimate Visual Screen

Binova has created a visual screen for enclosing the EnviroBIN. The EnviroSCREEN is a patented design of roto molded panels, allowing for a realistic stone appearance and superior performance.