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While many Lunch & Learn events today typically re-hash old material and can be uninspiring, Binova® Educational Sessions are completely different!

Help educate your team on the future of Solid Waste, and how innovation and new technology is changing the look, smell, and space requirements for applications in retail, housing, commercial, institutions, medical facilities, and more! 

Give your team the best and sign up today for our SolvingSolidWaste Educational Session, 60 minutes of truly valuable sharing, education, fun, and true learning! 

BINOVA Education
Blend waste containment into the landscape. Effective for projects focused on aesthetics. Subsurface waste containers will have vegetative screening.
Integrate waste containers easily & efficiently into any building design. Allowing for more flexibility on sites with limited space. 1-3 parking spots will be saved.
Reduce negative impact on the environment. Effective on environmentally conscious projects. Less building material will be used, reducing the carbon footprint and excess waste.
Keep out vermin & reduce malodors. Effective on projects with excess food waste. Waste will be in subsurface unit with a secure lid.
Protect clients & end-users from unwanted danger. Effective in densely populated areas. Sidelines will be reduced from removal of enclosures.
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In addition to company-specific learning sessions, we also offer regular Webinars, for smaller firms, freelancers, or anyone who may have missed a dedicated session.  Register for our AIA-Accredited EnviroBIN Courses below!

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