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Redefining Safety In a Post COVID-19 World.

Binova Waste Safety

Safety, change and innovation, and waste collection of the future – our daily occupation. Great article from Waste360 on how 3 major players are adapting. Click Here to Read More. Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Recent Articles

Live Webinar: Join Us April 28th

When is comes to waste management, don’t feel like you have to be boxed into the same old options – there is a better, smarter way! Join us on April 28th at 12pm to learn about the future of solid waste containment and site integration. Register Now!  Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on […]

Changing the Story of Pest & Odor Control

We’ve all heard the story a million times: dirty garbage + rotting food scraps + rusted falling apart dumpsters = pesky pests and nasty vermin. Now, there is a different ending to this story – the EnviroBIN takes waste underground, keeps odors down in the cooler temperatures and wards off pests. Share on facebook Share […]

Transforming Site Plan Integration

Architects, Designers, & Civil Engineers are getting excited about Solid Waste! The EnviroBIN™ is transforming how solid waste is being integrated into site plans across the country. Gain space, save money, smell less garbage! Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Recent Articles